Questions to Help You Decide Between Roofing Contractors

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Questions to Help You Decide Between Roofing Contractors


Are you planning to change your roof but do not know where to start? Hiring roofing contractors can be overwhelming if you don’t have any experience; that’s why we will be listing down questions to help you decide between roofing contractors.

1. When is the time to change your roof? You’ll know when your roof needs to be replaced just by looking at it.

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If shingles start to deteriorate, they can be easily seen with the naked eye. Also, leaks and cracks when it rains can be a good sign to change your roof.

2. Do roofing contractors offer a transferrable warranty? Most roofing contractors today offer a transferrable warranty. However, the warranty is on craftsmanship, and as with the manufacturer, only a few select contractors provide this type of warranty.

3. Are you certified by the manufacturers to install the shingles? It depends on the manufacturers whether their workers have undergone training and on-the-job experiences to assess whether they are accredited or not. Manufacturers often hire people with certifications; however, people with experience with this industry can also install your product.

4. What are the prices of shingles regarding their quality? There are various types of shingles today, and no two shingles are the same. It is advised that you search through your local stores and check for prices than rely on people telling you the specific cost of a particular shingle.


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