What Is Aerobic Septic

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What Is Aerobic Septic


In this video you will learn about how aerobic septic systems works and what are the basics that you must be aware of. Firstly, why they are called aerobic, it’s because of the air!
The aerobic septic clean out company work with aerobic systems that has a device and a cabinet underneath. It has a small air compressor in it that transfers air to the main unit.

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Furthermore, there is a unit that have a control box, and there is a sewer line which is coming out of the house and is coming in the tank.
So there is a three chamber system, the first chamber is known as the trash tank, it contains all the stuff either liquid, solid or paper waste. The tank is the aerobic tank, when the first one is completely filled, the material transfers to this tank. The high air pressure in this tank starts to speeds up the process of bacterial breakdown. It happens thousands of time faster than the normal air pressure. In this chamber all the material is converted into liquid and then it transfers to the pump tank. There is a super submersible pump in this tank. This is how a septic clean out company manages to do the tasks. For more information, watch the video.

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