How Can You Control the Erosion at Your Waterfront Property


As water flows over land, it erodes the soil causing sediment particles to become dislodged and carried away with moving water. The result is that plant life loses its ability to grow in the soil, which leads to loss of habitat for animals living on or near the shore. You can learn a few tips about soil control measures from the video, ‘How to Stabilize Your Shore with Erosion Control Fabric.’

Stabilizing your shoreline with erosion control fabrics is a great alternative to sandbags or soil. Before laying out the erosion control blanket, consider what vegetation may grow on your shoreline in the future and leave room for this vegetation between each row of fabric.

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Planting grasses or garden beds along the water’s edge means less mowing later! You can also plant trees, shrubs, or flowers. Use some good judgment about where they will initially be planted, so you do not cover them with fabric.

Soil erosion is a natural process that can cause big problems if not handled properly. To do so, soil erosion control companies must be the first line of defense in coastal areas. These companies deal with various methods for controlling surface runoff and preventing the sediment from reaching the ocean waters. While this may seem simple enough for some, it takes a lot of effort and expertise to perform this task effectively.

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