Learn How to Split Wood the Old Fashioned Way


There are plenty of ways to split your firewood. The most popular and will be discussed in the video, ‘ How to Split Wood | The Art of Manliness,’ is using a wedge and sledgehammer. This technique can work for both seasoned and unseasoned logs, although it works best for seasoned logs because they are less likely to split unevenly.

When choosing a wedge, you will want to look for the one closest to your log’s width. You can use a smaller wedge if you are working on a large, round piece of wood, but in general, it would be best to follow the rule above.

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If you find a wedge that looks like it might work, try it out on one of your smaller pieces of wood before working with a larger log. Splitting wood is hard work, but it can be easier by using the right and latest techniques, such as a commercial log splitting machine. Wood splitting has been part of life throughout time.

Whether you are looking to split wood to use as a border for a garden, create kindling for your fireplace, or want to have an amazing campfire at the end of the day, splitting wood is part of being prepared. Use a wedge and a sledgehammer to split logs into small enough pieces of burning in a fireplace or woodstove.

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