What to Expect When Having a Water Well Drilled

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What to Expect When Having a Water Well Drilled


Water wells are really important for homes in rural areas. Most homes need a water source of some kind. There are a few different types of water wells, but the drilling process is very similar no matter what kind you install. Here are a few things to expect when using a well driller:

Once the drill reaches the water table, it will then insert a small tube into the hole. If you are drilling for livestock, then there will probably be one tube in each drill that provides hay or silage to your animals in the winter time, if your home gets its water supply from this well.

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If you are drilling for household use, it will have a pump at the bottom of the drill where they attach a casing pipe. The water from the aquifer flows up from the well and into the casing pipe. At this point, there is not any additional protection for your drilling, so you will need to protect your water source as soon as possible by adding a concrete seal around all openings. After the casing is set, they will test the water quality of the aquifer.

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