Learn How to Install Roof Shingles By Following These Tips


Did you notice recently that your roof is in some need of repairs? Do you need those shingles replaced, but aren’t sure if you can afford a quality residential roofing contractor? The YouTube channel, This Old House, explains how you can install roof shingles by yourself.

The first part you’ll want to start off with is the drip edge. It needs to be nailed on in such a way that water will drip away from the fascia wood, preventing future rot.

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Next is installing the felt paper on top. This layer will insulate heat, and prevent excess moisture from penetrating the roof should the shingles fail to hold condensation back.

Now for the shingles themselves. The first layer of shingles should hang about half an inch off the edge. It also helps to use a chalk line to measure exactly where the remaining shingles should go. Vertical lines should be about 6 inches apart.

You’ll need a “startup” shingle strip hanging over the edge to help cover the felt, and provide a sticky surface for the second layer of shingles to stick in addition to nailing them in. Cut and install the remaining shingles as shown.

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