What To Do If Youre Locked Out of Your House


What do you do if you are locked out of house? Have you ever locked yourself out of your home and felt frustrated and annoyed? Well, in this video, an expert will show you how to break into your own home. He does it easily, but it can take a few times before you get the hang of it.

There are different techniques that this locksmith shows us. He uses both a cut-out plastic piece of a water bottle and even a business card or a thin credit card that solicitors send in the mail.

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These items are flexible and can be easily maneuvered in between the door and the wall to get the door to open. This will not unlock the door, but it will push the latch in, so the door will be opened.

If your home’s front door lock is installed incorrectly, you can do this with ease. So, you should make sure that the lock on your home’s doors is installed correctly so that no one other than you can get inside your home using these tips. Watch this entire video to hear this locksmith explain why this is so easy to do.


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