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Proper Plumbing Company Research


With any home improvement project, finding the right help is critical to the success of the job. When hiring a plumbing company, hiring a subpar contractor can lead to damage to the home, the growth of mold, or leaky pipes that can run up your water bill. Conducting the proper research on a plumbing company can allow you to make the right decision.

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Start by reading online reviews of the company. You can also ask friends and family who have worked with the company before about their experience. These can give you some foresight into the level of professionalism within the company the quality of work, and the expected cost.

It’s then important to see what form of online presence the company has. More established businesses will have a website and some form of active social media to allow customers to interact with their company. Those without these may be newer and possibly inexperienced.

Always check that the company has the proper paperwork. This means asking for their business license and insurance information. Companies without these should never do any work in your home, as any damages or accidents that may occur will fall on you to pay for.

For additional information on proper plumbing company research, please review the attached video.


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