Postpone the Need for AC Services With The Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips


This video talks about some of the AC maintenance tasks one can do to ensure that the unit runs smoothly when the new season starts. One tip is to uncover the AC unit before the beginning of the season. Many people cover their units up during the winter and forget to uncover them before the summer starts. This leaves a chance that their units will have issues once they need to use them again.

Another tip is to clean the condenser coil.

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Unit owners should look over the unit and clean it if the coil looks dirty. The best way to clean it is to use water. Taking the top off the unit and spraying it inside and out is an effective measure.

Checking for a mouse nest isn’t necessarily a fun project, but it’s a good way to perform proper maintenance on an AC unit. A mouse nest can clog up the entire unit. Thus, it’s a good idea to check for nests as well as broken wires that need to be fixed.

The AC condenser unit should also be level. Thus, the owner should look at it and level it up if it’s slanted. AC services will be less necessary with a few maintenance tasks.

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