Central Air Troubleshooting – Top 10 AC Problems

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Central Air Troubleshooting – Top 10 AC Problems


The video discusses some of the top problems that occur with central AC units. A gentleman from Trane AC repair companies talks about how his days went when he was on missions to fix AC units. He had several hundred jobs over the summer, and he shares with his viewers the most common issues that came up with those units.

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One problem that was quite common among clients was a plugged condensate tray. The plugged tray caused leaks all over the people’s homes because the fitting got plugged up, and the water didn’t have any place to drain. It happens when clients fail to have their units serviced.

The condenser fan motor was another issue that needed repair. The fan will not run when the compressor comes on, and eventually, the customer will feel air coming out of the unit because the compressor is overheating. A customer who lets that problem go on for too long could end up needing a new compressor as well.

Freon leaks were another common problem the repair tech saw. Keeping the AC unit regularly maintenance by a well-known repair company is the best way to ensure that the freon always stays full inside the unit.

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