Landscape Design for Charity – Transblue Gives Back to New Heart

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Landscape Design for Charity – Transblue Gives Back to New Heart


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Substance abuse rehabilitation can be a terrifying experience for those trying to overcome addiction. And it can feel even more depressing and hopeless when the environment around them is desolate. In this video, a group of volunteers came in to beautify the grounds of a rehabilitation clinic.

TransBlue, a Seattle-based general contractor service, volunteered time, materials, and money to transform the grounds of New Heart Place, a Christ-centered, faith-based rehabilitation center. The volunteers raked mulch, planted seedlings, and added life to the grounds. TransBlue is also a Christian organization, stating that they serve Christ through service and creation. These two Christian groups came together with different angles to a shared mission. The organization provides the supports and services needed to help those with substance abuse issues to get sober. Meanwhile, the general contractor visits nurseries for plants and brings them to New Heart Place in order to provide inspiration and hope to those who are treated there. These actions are different, but they support each other and the overall mission of following Christ.

Rehabilitation for alcohol and other substances requires direct medical intervention, but that’s not all that is needed in order for it to succeed. Participants need support from others and they need to have hope and faith for themselves. While planting some seedlings and raking some mulch might seem small in comparison to the life-saving interventions that doctors, nurses, and counselors are performing inside of the clinic, beautifying the grounds plays an essential role in recovery. Beautiful surroundings and peaceful places to rest and reflect can have a major impact on mental health. In the case of New Heart Place, in particular, there is an emphasis on Christ and prayer. Being able to walk freely in nature calms the mind and allows it to really connect with prayer. The spiritual and mental health aspects of recovery are powerful elements that can make or break a patient’s rehabilitation and attempts at sobriety.

Good deeds like the one TransBlue performed for New Heart Place aren’t flashy and big. They don’t raise tons of money and transform society in a day. But the small, seemingly unnecessary, acts are often as important as the more visible works. They are capable of setting off a chain reaction. A patient has the opportunity to surround himself with plants and nature, which improves his health and gets him on a solid path to sobriety. After he leaves New Heart Place, he takes his newfound health and goes out to do good for society. There are so many possibilities from here and they all start with the small act performed by TransBlue.

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