How To Add More Space To Your Kitchen?

How To Add More Space To Your Kitchen?


As the area where tantalizing aromas arise while food preparation is underway, the kitchen can also be used for snack chats, studying, and as a drinking area. However, all that will only be possible with extra space. The space should help in facilitating easy movement around the kitchen and also storage of important items such as utensils, drinks, and nutritional cookbooks. In that connection, you will be expected to add more space area into your kitchen. Probably you are wondering how you can do that. Worryless, below are some of the most reliable tips you can use to create additional space in your kitchen.

Add More Cabinets

Cabinets happen to be an essential part of the kitchen. They provide space for storing important items especially utensils and cutleries used in the kitchen. Furthermore, they can be redesigned to offer space where you can keep your set of spices. Adding more cabinets will create extra space where you can keep your kitchen ingredients, utensils, and other related items. For security purposes, you can capitalize on reliable cabinet security, cabinet door locks, and strong cabinet latches. So, with more storage area comes enhanced security. You no longer have to worry about people tampering with your ingredients or a special set of glasses. They will all be kept safe.

Set Up Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can help you sort out the issue of limited space in your kitchen. With the right hardware for floating shelves, you can set up strong shelves to create more space for storing some of your kitchen items. You can replace the upper cabinets with these shelves to generate additional space and also make it easier to retrieve anything you place on them. Using this approach is not only affordable but also saves time. However, you need very sturdy hardware for floating shelves to ensure those shelves do not fall off. This will help in preventing unnecessary accidents in the kitchen. Furthermore, the shelves will be set at a reasonable height to make accessibility of utensils kept on those shelves pretty much easy.


Apart from cabinets, and shelves, kitchen drawers also offer extra space you can utilize to store crucial items used in the kitchen. They can be fitted with highly functional glides to make opening them easier. Furthermore, the reliable drawer locks ensure what is stored is safely under key and lock. Just for the case of hardware for floating shelves, durability is very crucial when choosing kitchen drawers. They should be strong enough to sustain the weight of whatever you are storing. Furthermore, the drawers ought to have remarkable finishes to boost the aesthetic value of your kitchen.

Create an Open Pantry

The spare walls in your kitchen can be converted into considerable storage spaces. This is possible by creating a simple pantry against the wall using organized shelving to provide space for use. As you remodel your kitchen using this approach, make sure it blends in well into the appearance of your kitchen. Use the right colors and choice of material to give the pantry an extra touch of class. Not only should it provide additional space but also contribute to the perfect outlook of your kitchen.


Having a congested and disorganized kitchen area does affect your cooking significantly. Finding the utensils to use is quite a hassle and a waste of time. Fortunately, this issue can be sorted out with proper remodeling and reorganization of your kitchen. You can create more space where you will keep all your kitchen equipment and avoid the disgusting scene of spoons, plates, and cups lying around anyhow in your kitchen. Some of the ideas to help you create additional space include adding more cabinets, setting up a hardware for floating shelves, drawers and creating a pantry.

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