When to Call a Roofing Service to Replace Your Roof


The video “When Should I Replace My Roof?,” by Digital Roofing Innovations provides insightful advice to follow for roofing service. Poor installation may leave you with a roof that only lasts ten years. So make sure you and a pro know what to look for.

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First of all, look out for dark spots on the shingles. Determine if your roof has hail hits or blistering. Overheating causes blistering. Hailstones on the other hand will indent the shingles and remove granules. This will decrease the lifespan.

One should also check to see how brittle the shingles are. Moss and algae can also affect roof life. Get any moss removed as soon as possible.

Don’t ignore the chimney! Many leaks come from chimneys due to cracks. It is ok to get it knocked off if you don’t plan to use it.

Insurance won’t cover blistering since that is a sign of bad installation. Hail hits can get coverage. Make sure you get a good inspection to see if insurance covers a new roof. Anywhere with extreme weather affects the roof – not just hail. To cover yourself, make sure you get a proper installation and professional inspection.

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