Watch How an AC Installer Sets Up a New HVAC Unit


This video shows how an AC installer sets up a new HVAC unit. This setup is a complete system install, including a furnace, coil, and air conditioner. This video focuses on what an AC installer does outside the home.

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First, the power must be turned off, and then the unit is disconnected. Then the AC installer uses a recovery unit to remove the refrigerant from the unit. It is recycled and sent back to the recycler. Finally, the electrical disconnect and whip are replaced from the outside of the house.

When an AC installer puts in a new unit, all the parts are replaced. Even the most minor parts are removed from the old unit. Measurements are taken about where the pad is placed because some requirements and standards must be followed. The rock under the pad is replaced with a fresh rock because the HVAC unit sinks over the years. The new unit is put in place, and the refrigerant lines are replaced. The copper pipes are reused, and copper bends are put on the pipe.

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