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Life Issues Examples and Solutions


Life is a roller coaster for everyone. There are good times and bad times. Everyone’s problems are equally important to them. However, some life issues are far easier to overcome than others. Knowing how to manage all of life’s issues is important.

In most cases, handling the issue head-on is the best approach to take. Knowing how to handle life’s issues, big and small, will help you move with confidence and overcome all of the challenges you face.

The Big Three

There are three life issues that everyone faces at one point or another. Here are three life issues examples:

  • Financial issues. Everyone has money problems at one point or another in their lifetime unless they are trust fund babies.
  • Relationship issues. Everyone has relationship issues. Keep in mind that 50% of marriages end in divorce.
  • Health issues. Not everyone has health issues, but they can be devastating when you do.

Of the three health problems is by far the worse. You may feel like finding the money for a new roof is the worst issue you can be facing now, but it pales in comparison when it comes to having health problems.

Other issues you may run into during your lifetime are legal issues, housing issues, and transportation issues. Problems are not fun, but in almost every case, you can overcome them.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you can navigate life’s issues without having an emotional breakdown is to learn how to keep things in perspective. For example, an auto collision is not ideal, but if you walked away with minor injuries, the car could be replaced.

You may need to hire a car accident attorney to navigate the claim, but that is an easy solution. A car accident attorney can help you to weigh your problems against the solutions. If you need more money coming in to help with financial issues, consider getting a second job. Learn to look at the berth of a problem based on the potential solutions. The easier the solution, the smaller the problem.

Avoid This Mistake

As you navigate life, avoid the mistake of dismissing avoidable issues. In other words, we create many of our issues in life. If you have an opportunity to mitigate the risk of having a problem, take it. For example, if you own a business, get business tax advice to avoid tax issues down the road.

Many life’s issues can be avoided if you do a little pre-gaming to avoid them. For example, health issues can be avoided by getting enough rest, exercise, and eating a balanced diet. Taking preventive steps to avoid issues is easier than trying to solve them as they crop up.

Live a lifestyle that does not invite chaos into your life. Please keep reading to learn how to overcome the issues when they crop up.

Financial Problems

Not having enough money to get what you want really can be an issue, but not having enough money to cover the needs is an even bigger issue. What can you do to overcome an unexpected financial issue like home ac repairs?

Of course, the first piece of advice is if you are living on a shoestring budget already, you want to make sure that you are getting regular maintenance for your AC unit. While it may seem like a lot to pay those hundred dollars or so for preventive maintenance, it is a lot less expensive than having to replace a unit.

Saying you should have maintained your system when facing a big repair bill is a lot like saying, ‘I told you so,’ and that does not help at this point. If you need any repairs around your home and you do not have the finances for it, you have a couple of options:

  • Use financing options. Many HVAC companies, plumbing concerns, and other home repair companies offer financing. It can help to make the bill more affordable if you can spread the payments out over time.
  • Use a credit card. Credit cards should be used for emergencies. Not having AC can be considered an emergency.
  • Sell off stuff you are not using. If you have other transportation options, consider getting cash for my car a Godsend. It may hurt to part with your car, but if you have other transportation like public transportation, sell your car to raise funds.

Money worries are high on the list of worries for a lot of people. Having a plan in place for your finances and living within your means can help to reduce financial worries and overcome many potential issues.

Learn the difference between need and want, and be sure that you always address financial needs first. For example, you may want a pair of $200 shoes, but all you need is shoes to cover your feet, and you can get them for about $25.

Rule number one when you are facing any life issue is not to panic. Taking a calm, analytical look at the problem and solution options will help you overcome the issue. Enough cannot be said about planning to avoid financial issues. The more you plan, the more prepared you will be when it comes to financial issues.

Relationship Issues

Strong supportive relationships are central to a happy life. If you often have relationship problems, it is time for some self-evaluation. You cannot control what anyone else does, but you can control how you react to people.

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to act the way that you think they should; sometimes, you have to take a step back and evaluate the situation with a clear head. The divorce rate in the US is through the roof because a lot of people will contact an attorney before they contact a marriage counselor.

Moving with a cool head through any relationship is important. Here are some tips for navigating relationship issues:

  • Open communication is a must. If someone has hurt your feelings or made you angry, you must address it. It is perfectly okay to say, ‘that hurt my feelings,’ but it can be hard to speak honestly. It is a learned behavior and one that can be valuable in life. Take a communication course or speak to a therapist about being more open with how you feel.
  • Do not play the blame game. There are three sides to every story, yours, mine, and the truth. Everyone perceives situations differently. Pointing fingers and blaming does not solve problems. Instead of saying ‘it is that person’s fault,’ consider your role in the situation and how you can take some responsibility for the problem.
  • It is not your job to fix everyone. Pushing people to be different than they are to fit your relationship construct never works. You have two choices, you can accept people for who they are, or you can walk away. Acceptance is always healing in both cases.

Positive, happy, supportive relationships take work. Developing good relationships starts with you. When you are content with who you are, you are more open to accepting other people for who they are. If you want to overcome relationship issues, you have to do your part.

Legal Problems

People make mistakes. Sometimes, those mistakes end in an arrest. While getting arrested is certainly no picnic, there are still ways to overcome the lingering issues from that arrest. First, you have to get out of jail so you can work with a defense attorney to hopefully not get convicted.

An arrest does not mean that you will be convicted, but sitting in jail, is never good for your defense. Bail bond agents can help to get you out of jail. You will have to pay a fee for their services, but sitting in jail, is never worth avoiding the costs.

Once you have connected with a bail agent and get back home, it is time to make some changes in your life. What were you arrested for? How could you have avoided the situation? What do you need to do in the future to make sure it never happens again?

Let’s use a DUI as an example. If you are driving under the influence, you may come to a checkpoint or get pulled over for reckless driving. Driving under the influence is a dangerous behavior that never leads to anything good. Your first step is to determine why you would take such risks.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Was this a one and done deal? Have you ever driven under the influence before? If you are a frequent flyer when it comes to driving drunk, you need to get professional help. That means that you drink more than you should and that drinking is creating risky behaviors in you. Look for support groups that specialize in alcohol addiction. Acknowledging there is a problem is your first step in getting it under control.
  • What led to the situation? Who were you with during the incident or before the incident? Friends do not let friends drink and drive an old PSA, and it really rings true. If you are hanging out with people that think it is okay to drink and drive, change your friends.
  • How will this impact your future? Can you afford to lose your license and the cost of retribution and fines, if there are any? Give your actions some deep thoughts about how this one act has impacted every other area of your life.

Life’s issues are not mutually exclusive of each other. Being charged with a crime is a good example of that. Being charged with a crime means you have to pay a bail agent to get out of jail. You have to hire an attorney and pay those costs. You may have to pay fines and retribution. You may lose time from work because of the case and your court dates. You can see how the legal issue has also turned into a financial issue.

Life’s issues are extremely intertwined with each other. Another example is legal problems can easily spill over and cause relationship problems. It is not just legal problems that can fuel other issues in life. Health problems can do it as well. If you are struggling with your health, that can be costly and fuel financial issues.

Financial issues can cause legal problems. The issue with life’s issues is that they do not happen in a vacuum. They are all related one to the other. You may have heard the life is ‘cyclic.’ There are periods of good times and then periods of bad times. It is true in a sense because ‘when it rains, it pours,’ but it is not random. Most of the issues that we experience in life are self-created, and those self-created issues come with a trickle-down effect that affects every other area of life.

Live Simply and Do the Right Thing

Avoiding life’s biggest issues really comes down to your lifestyle. Living simply will help to avoid financial problems. For example, using solar energy to power your handful of electronics will help you save money and avoid financial issues caused by high monthly bills.

Following the rules in life will help you avoid legal problems, relationship problems, and health issues. For example, one of the big relationship rules is fidelity, do not step out of the bounds of your relationship, and you will avoid relationship issues (and divorce).

Life is simple; we make it more complicated than it needs to be. You just follow the rules, plan, and live within your means, and you can avoid most of life’s issues. Of course, there will always be the unexpected that comes along, but if you have been doing what you need to do all along, you will even manage the unexpected.

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