Installing Roof Shingles

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Installing Roof Shingles


It may be obvious, but roof installation is a very involved task. It requires dexterity and a bit of patience. Believe it or not, you may not need to rely on roofing professionals.

Video Source

This video will show you how to install roof shingles.

To start you will want to add a drip edge to the edges of your roof. This will help keep moisture from getting underneath the surface. This is important to avoid any future rotting. You can simply nail it into place. Next, you will want to add a layer of felt paper and nail that down too. This video discusses the standard 3-tab shingle for your roof installation.

Make sure that the shingle slightly hangs over the drip edge. Then you’ll want to mark on the felt paper for correct spacing of the shingles. Adding chalk lines is crucial to having straight and organized shingles. Place the start strip of the shingles down. Cut your shingles so that they are about 6 inches offset from the previous row. You can then start nailing down your shingles, ensuring that they are overlapped and spaced correctly.

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