Inside a Flooring Store Showroom

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Inside a Flooring Store Showroom


This video takes place in a Floor and Decor Shop with Me flooring store showroom. It starts by showing signage. Then, it begins by showing possible cabinet and backsplash options.

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It is not clear if the cabinet, countertop, and backsplash are for a kitchen or a bathroom, but it appears as though it could be both.

It goes on the show a washroom complete with a washer and dryer. It has a shower, but it seems more like a pet washing station because the walls and fixtures in the shower are low.

Next, the video shows a bathroom with a free-standing tub and fixtures. It goes on to show options for a fully enclosed shower. Further ahead in the video, it shows various vanity sink options. They show everything from marble to glass to stone.

The video shows options for shower walls, including tile and marble. It shows the countless options available for tile walls in a shower or for the bathroom walls. It also shows vanity options for the bathroom. In addition, it has large sizes for the master bathroom and smaller ones for the powder room.


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