How to Install Gutter Replacements

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How to Install Gutter Replacements


Gutters are essential to any home. They divert rainwater from the roof far away from the home’s foundation, preventing basement leaks and sill rot. If your home’s gutters need to be replaced, you shouldn’t delay the project. Gutter replacements are relatively inexpensive and can prevent significant structural damage to your home.

In the video here, the host shows how to install a rain gutter.

Video Source

The home he’s working on is missing a gutter on one side of the roof. This leads to water falling directly off of the roof onto the uncovered porch. This is annoying to deal with, but it can also cause damage.

Rain gutters can be purchased at any large home improvement store. They will likely not be seamless, but they can still be installed such that they divert all of the water from the roof away from the home. To ensure you get the right gutters, it’s important to measure the space that needs gutter replacements. Be sure to account for a slight slope in the gutter installation. The slope is important because it directs the water to a downpipe that then carries the water away from the home.

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