How to Choose the Right Company for Radon Testing

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How to Choose the Right Company for Radon Testing


A common problem for homeowners especially those looking to acquire a home is the possibility of the home having radon gas. The problem is that radon is colorless and odorless making it hard to detect without the assistance of a radon testing company. For someone who doesn’t know how to get rid of radon, the gas can pose a serious health risk especially after prolonged exposure without knowing. It causes lung cancer which is fatal among other respiratory issues. If you suspect that there could be the presence of the gas in your home, you need to know how to prepare for a radon test before calling a local radon testing company. There are several tests that a radon abatement service can carry out to establish whether the gas is present in your home. Once it is established that radon is indeed present, there are also mitigation measures that the radon testing company can carry out such as local sump pump installation to ensure that the gas is pumped out of the house. Of course the gas occurs naturally especially in the basement and between walls where the external environment offers the right conditions for the gas to form. Whereas the presence of radon in your home should be your main concern, the next big challenge is choosing the right radon testing company. Many people do not know what to look for in a local radon mitigation and abatement service. Below are some of the things you should consider before choosing a radon testing company.

Reputation is Key so Ask for Recommendations
There is nothing that gives a service a clean bill of health than having a good reputation. If you are unaware where to start when choosing the right radon testing contractor, start by asking for recommendations before making your choice. Ensure that you ask for recommendations from people who have had a similar experience with radon gas as you are. These recommendations are meant to help you narrow down on a few services among hundreds of local radon testing services. once you have narrowed down to a few radon testing companies, check for reviews online and see what other people are saying about their services. The need for reviews is to ensure that you are not making a mistake when choosing a certain service. Of course you cannot be 100% guaranteed that you will get satisfactory services but it helps knowing that you did something to avoid hiring an unqualified radon testing company. Among the hundreds of local contractors offering radon testing, there is always the possibility that there are a few services that are not qualified to offer radon testing. Using such contractors puts you and your family at risk since you could be assuming that radon is no longer present in your home but since you hired an unqualified contractor, you will continue inhaling the gas unknowingly.

Consider Licensing and the Cost for Radon Testing
Successful radon testing requires that the test be carried out by a licensed radon testing company. The licensing is carried out by the local authorities which makes it easier to verify whether a certain contractor is licensed or not. Once you access the local government websites, you can access a list of licensed contractors with regards to radon testing hence making it easier to know whether you are choosing a legitimate company or not. Apart from licensing, you should at least have an idea of how much it costs to test for radon before you choose a contractor. If the radon testing contractor realizes that you have no idea how much it costs to test for radon, they might try to take advantage and overcharge you for the said service. Always undertake due diligence before choosing the right service so that at the end of the day, you get value for money. Choosing a radon testing company is not complicated as long as you make it so. It is easy to make some extra effort when choosing a radon testing contractor so that you don’t end up making a mistake that you will regret. The next time you are searching for a local radon tester, now you know what to do.

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