Changing A Person’s Home The Products You Should Consider To Create Their Space

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Changing A Person’s Home The Products You Should Consider To Create Their Space


In the United States there are around 128.58 million homeowners as reported in 2019. Homeowners quickly become very proud of their independent, individual, and unique space. They can make it their own, develop the life they want, and even host for friends and family. Regardless of how homeowners spend their time in their space, it is evident that it makes them happy.

While homeowners purchase their home, it is important to note that items, appearances, and rooms in the home do not remain the same. But, this is not a bad fact. Homeowners change their home as their style and likes and dislikes change. If you’re a contractor, a woodworker, or a handyman and/or handy woman, here are the products you should consider to help a person create their space!

Water Based Stain

To begin, there are many ways you can change, remodel, or transform a person’s living space. These living spaces can also be various ones throughout the house. After all, a few years prior 14% of homeowners wanted to make improvements to their kitchens, and planned to do so while living in that residence. In addition, homeowners remodel 14.2 million bathrooms annually. So, all in all, the space is yours to play with!

The first product you should consider is a water based stain. Since a water based stain is almost similar to a furniture paint, you can use a water based stain on the wood of a decorative cabinet door. Of course, this is only the person wants to transform a kitchen. Since a water based stain is only proper for indoors, you can only use it on indoor furniture, which would be wood in the kitchen.

The general finishes water based wood stain will blend extremely well and easily on the surface of the cabinets. If a person wants a different kitchen, a different look to it, and a complete transformation, stains are welcome. A water based stain will provide the opportunity for his or her kitchen to become a different color and have a different feel to it altogether.

Overall, you’ll create a great space for the homeowner to use on a daily basis!

Floating Shelf Hardware

If your client is asking for a kitchen remodel, you can do more than just a water based stain. While that does change the kitchen cabinets, it’s always great to not only change the color of material, but to add different pieces into the space. To remodel a kitchen space, you can purchase and add different structures or products. One is a floating shelf.

A floating shelf can work in conjunction with the water based stain cabinets. Leaving some cabinets remaining, still provides the house with a home-like and traditional feeling. However, with a floating shelf, you’ll allow the homeowner to have more storage and open storage. Belongings will no longer be cluttered in the remaining cabinets! In addition, a floating shelf has the potential to make the homeowner’s kitchen appear much larger than it actually is. This is fantastic when it comes to the homeowner hosting parties for family and friends. That’s because when family and friends walk into the cooking space, it will be an additional space they can hangout in. They’ll praise the spacious room!

Therefore, you’ll create a space in which the homeowner can spend time with family and friends!

Lazy Susan Hardware

This next home renovation staple can be located in the kitchen or the dining area. This is excellent if the homeowner wants to remodel both spaces at the same time. A Lazy Susan is not only utilized for storage of kitchen supplies anymore. While it is commonly found in there, as a renovator for a homeowner, you can also place a Lazy Susan in the dining room area.

More specifically, you can place a Lazy Susan on top of the dining room table. This not only provides the homeowner with a stylish staple in the dining room, but it is also quite functional. With a Lazy Susan, the homeowner can host dinner parties. In addition, it’s certainly ideal for family style meals.

You’ll create a nice oasis for the homeowner!

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