Engine Cooling Water Systems Explained

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Engine Cooling Water Systems Explained


You do not need to be an engineer to understand how an engine cooling water system works. You can learn all of the basics by watching this video. The instructor uses an animated model to explain the components of an engine cooling water system and how each component functions for cooling water services.

In this easy-to-understand video, you will learn about the thermostat, radiator, jacket water pump, overflow tank, and more.

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Watch as the presenter walks you through the step-by-step process of how the water cooling system helps to keep the engine consistently cool.

Learn how glycol protects the engine from overheating and prevents corrosion. Listen as the instructor of the video explains how the jacket pump circulates water around the engine. When the jacket water warms, the pressure increases. This is why you need a radiator cap to help relieve this built-up pressure.

You will also learn how flow and pressure are regulated in the system. This type of system is found in every type of fossil fuel-powered vehicle. It can be helpful to understand how the system works, should there be a problem with your engine cooling system. Anyone that is interested in engine cooling water systems will enjoy this informative video.

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