Concrete Grinding and Lifting

Concrete Grinding and Lifting


If your concrete isn’t looking like it used to, it may be wise to call the professionals to bring it back to form. Concrete services can help you with concrete lifting to restore the appearance and function or any concrete element that’s no longer in the state it was installed in. Once they know about the specific issue, they’ll know how to approach the details like whether to bring a concrete grinding bit. They should have a concrete scouring machine as well as a concrete polishing kit, depending on the specifics of the project they’re doing.

They may advise you to get concrete grinding segments or something similar, and this may be based on their observations once they visit the site in question. This means the process may be lengthy, depending on a number of variables, and because of this, it’s best to engage with the professionals as early as you can. This may help you go about the entire process without allowing too much irreversible damage to occur.

If things have gone into a dire state already, you may have to spend more time and money to restore the concrete to a safe and appealing state. That said, you can also do research online to learn more about the details of what may need to be done. It could also be a good idea to talk to friends and family knowledgeable about concrete.

Concrete is the oldest manmade construction material on earth, and primitive samples of it date back to the ancient Egyptians. Concrete today is fairly straightforward: a combination of cement, aggregate, sand, and water. It cures, or hardens, when poured into place, and it is vital for constructing highway overpasses, sidewalks, and building foundations. Entire companies are built around the pouring of concrete, and today’s concrete is far tougher than anything used in the past. Still, concrete is not indestructible; sometimes, a sidewalk may start sagging and cracking, and that is unsightly and a tripping hazard as well. Meanwhile, a warehouse’s concrete floor may be unsuitable for a layer of epoxy until services have visited. So, what can concrete services do to get that floor ready, and how does concrete crack repair work?

Concrete Grinding Done Right

Many commercial buildings make use of concrete floors, from factories to warehouses, and other building types are also embracing concrete floors more than ever. After all, this material boasts excellent durability and performance, and when polished, concrete floors are a great alternative for marble, granite, tile, and linoleum floors for a variety of commercial buildings. How strong is it? Average concrete has a strength of around 3,000 psi (pounds per square inch), and some of the toughest concrete has an incredible 20,000 psi strength to it. Still, these concrete may need some treatment before being suitable for everyday use, and freshly poured concrete will need concrete grinding done to it. And if an entrepreneur buys an older commercial building, they may need to hire concrete grinding services to get that age-worn concrete floor back in good shape.

Concrete grinding is done for a variety of reasons. One of them is to smooth out the floor and remove any bumps or other imperfections, to create a totally level surface. In addition, concrete grinding is a fine way to prep that concrete for the application of epoxy. Chemical stripping is also an option, but many commercial building owners opt for concrete grinding instead. Epoxy’s job is to make concrete even tougher and boost its weight capacity, as well as make it smooth and attractive and make it easier to paint.

A concrete grinder is a device that a worker will push along, and this grinder boasts a rotating disk that may even feature ground-up diamond bits. This disk will scrape off any upraised imperfections on the concrete and strip off its top layer, leaving a smooth and featureless surface that is ready for epoxy and other treatment. A worker may go over the concrete floor a number of times to make sure the floor is thoroughly ground this way, and take note that smaller concrete grinders will be needed for the corners. Large grinders handle the floor as a whole; small, handheld models can take care of the corners. For safety’s sake, the worker should wear short and tight clothes that won’t get snagged on anything, and they should wear hearing protection since concrete grinders are loud. A lot of dust will be kicked up too, so the worker will need to use protection for their eyes, nose, and mouth as well.

Concrete Lifting

What about treatment for a damaged concrete sidewalk? A sidewalk may start sagging and cracking if the ground underneath is too heavy with water, and the level disparity damages the sidewalk and creates ridges and cracks. This is unsightly and is also a tripping hazard, so a concrete lifting service may be called in. These workers will use a pump machine to inject materials under the sagged sidewalk to lift it back up, and this restores the sidewalk’s level surface. To add finishing touches, the workers can use kits to fill in any remaining cracks, and the sidewalk is as good as new. Fortunately, this process is a quick one; with modern materials and methods, a sagging sidewalk can be used as soon as the process is finished. Older methods used in the 1920s needed a full day for the sidewalk to recover. This process can also be used to fix sagging concrete patios on a property, so long as that patio is not directly attached to the house. Here again, kits can finish the job and seal up small cracks.

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