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Add More Value to Your Home With These 10 Services


Owning a home is an ideal financial decision. Usually, the value of your house rises with time. You can add value to home with services that improve its appearance or comfort. Therefore, embellishing your home and the passage of time increases its value significantly. You can make many additions to your property that enhance its appearance or increases its functionality and make it more valuable. Here are some of the services you can add to your home to add to its value.

Fence Installation

Installing a fence is one of the ways to add value to home with services. It enhances the appeal of your home, increases privacy, and provides security. There are many types of fences that you can install in your home. The fencing material you choose depends on your yard size, budget, and personal needs and preferences. The larger your yard, the more it costs to the fence. Therefore, choose a fencing material that meets your needs and does not dent your wallet.

There are different types of fences one can install. Fence installers will help you decide. If you want to keep your pets in but with a view, they will advise on the best material to use. Also, depending on where you live and how your home looks, they will advise on the best fencing material to use.

Depending on your fence material, you can DIY installation. However, it is best to hire a professional since you save money and time. Also, professionals complete the work without errors. The more elegant your fence is, the more value it adds to your home. You can recoup the cost of fence installation if you sell the house.

Concrete Driveway Installation

Another way to add value to home with services is to install a concrete driveway. A new driveway enhances your curb appeal. The more attractive your home appears, the more customers it can attract. Therefore, it can sell for a higher price. Driveway concrete is available in different colors. Pick a color that makes your home look more attractive to increase its value.

Contact a concrete driveway company when you decide to install a concrete driveway for your home. They will present to you the different types of concrete they use and the driveway they can help you build. They will outline the costs and the timelines required before you use your new driveway.

You can save money when installing a concrete driveway by choosing natural concrete that you can paint in your favorite color. Concrete paint is affordable and available in all home improvement stores. It takes up to a day to paint a driveway and 24 hours before the paint dries. Afterward, you have an attractive driveway that increases the value of your home. You can lay a concrete driveway by yourself to save money. Divide the driveway into manageable sizes, and you can finish the task over a weekend if you have the time.

HVAC Unit Replacement

To add value to home with services, replace your damaged or broken HVAC unit. It helps to improve indoor air quality. Better air quality is an aspect that raises the value of your home if you sell. If you are not selling your home, breathing high-quality air helps to boost your health and makes staying indoors more comfortable.

HVAC installation is a job for professionals. Get an HVAC company to your home to assess the damage and advise on the best HVAC unit for your home. Ensure that you only work with a reputable and licensed company. It is best to get a referral for the job. They will advise and present an array of HVAC units suitable for your home. Also, pick a reputable brand for your home HVAC unit.

The size of your home and your budget determine the type of HVAC unit you will purchase. Installing an HVAC unit increases your home’s value by up to 10%. Also, ensure that the unit installed is highly efficient. High efficiency ensures that your electricity bills do not increase as you improve the air quality of your home. A home with high maintenance costs may be hard to sell at high prices.

Kitchen Renovation

You can add value to home with services by renovating your kitchen. A kitchen makeover increases the value of your home by over 5%. Depending on the size of your kitchen, a renovation may cost up to $12,000. You can expect to gain back your revamp costs when you sell it. If you don’t sell the home, you can enjoy cooking and eating in a comfortable and attractive kitchen.

You can change several aspects of your kitchen to increase the home value. The easiest part of the kitchen to change is the countertops. Install granite kitchen countertops to transform how your kitchen looks. They are available in many colors, and you can finish the changes with minimal disruption to your routine. They are affordable. How much you spend installing kitchen countertops depends on the size of your kitchen.

A kitchen renovation may also include installing new cabinets or repainting your old ones. Cabinets increase space in the kitchen and enhance its appearance. Additionally, kitchen cabinets do not have to be white. Paint them in gray and shades of black to contrast the walls and to make the kitchen appear more executive. Unique fixtures in the kitchen will help increase the value of your home.

Patio Installation

Add value to home with services such as backyard hardscaping. You can do it by installing a patio in your backyard, a deck, or even a swimming pool. If you choose to install a deck, you increase the price and interest in your home when it is for sale. Installing a patio raises the value of the property up to 10%. Similarly, you are likely to recoup 80% to 100% of the value of the installation.

Patio installation is not a DIY job. You need to hire a contractor and an interior designer to ensure you have a beautiful outdoors. Installing a patio increases the available space in your home. Therefore, the task has to be completed by professionals. A professional will ensure that the new quad blends seamlessly with the rest of the house.

A designer enhances the aesthetics and functionality of the patio. They will advise on the best outdoor furniture you can acquire. They will also advise on how to decorate it and enhance its privacy. They can also help to install functional, efficient, and attractive lights for the patio. The more aesthetic the deck is, the more value it can add to your home.

Repiping Services

Check your plumbing if you want to add value to home with services. A piping and repiping service raise the value of your immediate. If you want to sell your home, or to live in an easy-to-maintain home, update your plumbing system. Old and damaged pipes cause your home to look dilapidated and may cause it not to get customers if selling. Additionally, they may cause leaks that can lead to mold on your walls.

Repiping services ensure that you have clean and high-quality coming into your home. It also ensures that any wastewater leaves your home to the correct drainage location without damaging your home or the environment. Hire a professional to assess and complete a piping and repiping service.

When selling or moving into an old house, update the plumbing system. A property is unlikely to get a fair value or a buyer if the taps produce dirty water.

Generator Installation

Another way to add value to home with services is to install a residential generator. It adds up to 5% to the value of your home. A generator ensures that your home is safe from power outages. Many people looking to buy homes in areas with lots of outages are more likely to buy a home with a generator. In some regions, power outages last for days. It affects the air quality in homes that rely on air conditioning and may affect food storage.

Residential generator installation is a task for experienced, qualified, and licensed electricians. The generator should connect to the electrical wiring system of your home. The correct connection ensures that the generator can continue to power your home automatically in case of an outage. Additionally, having it installed by a professional ensures you do not get into trouble with the government or your insurer. Buyers will ask for installation permits before they purchase.

When you install a generator in your home, its value is highest at the time of installation. With continued use, the value of the generator depreciates. Therefore, a house with a new generator is more valuable than when it has been in use for several years. The longer you use it, the lower its value.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is a method to add value to home with services. Properties with trees in their compound have a higher value than homes without trees. However, diseased trees drastically reduce the value of a home. The best solution is to cut down the infected trees to maintain or increase the property value.

Trees can also lower the value of your home if they are too close to the house or have branches leaning dangerously. Hiring professional tree removal businesses to assess the trees and remove the unhealthy ones is best. The trees growing too close to the house may hide its appearance, which leads to a low valuation and little interest from buyers.

Well-manicured and properly spaced trees in a yard increase the selling price of the property. A professional tree service can help to create and maintain a beautiful compound that will increase the value of your home if you sell.

New Roof Installation

A new roof on your house increases its value and aesthetic. Installing a new roof is a method to add value to home with services. Depending on the roof materials you use, it weakens with age and may get damaged. A damaged roof leaks and destroys your ceiling and attic. Therefore, you will require a new roof for your home. The size of your home and the type of roofing you purchase determine how much it will cost.

Hire professional roofing services providers to assess the damage on your roof. It will help you choose and install a new roof for your home. A new roof is durable and will increase the value by up to 70% of the investment.

Pool Installation

Another way to add value to home with services is to install a pool. The larger the pool, the more value it can add to your home. A swimming pool can increase the value of your home by up to 8%. If you live in an area where other homes have pools, they may have higher values than yours. Get a professional pool builder to advise, design, and install a pool in your home.

The size of the pool determines how much it costs to install. Further, it requires ongoing regular maintenance. Get a professional to clean your pool regularly to ensure it contains clean water. If you have a rental home with a pool, you can charge higher rents than a home without a swimming pool.

You can add other services to your home to increase its value. The value of the property rises depending on the amount of additional investment. The higher the cost of the new service, the higher the value gained by the property. Renovate your home before you put it on the market. Also, update parts of your home to make it more comfortable.

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