10 Ways My Home Renovators Improved My Property

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10 Ways My Home Renovators Improved My Property


Renovating the home can be a daunting task, especially if you’re working on the first round of home renovation projects. With a good checklist and the right help, it’s possible to get an amazing outcome without all the hassle. While the first few renovation projects may take some practice, you’ll be okay if you keep at it. Take a look below to see 10 of the ways in which my home renovators helped improve my property so that you have an idea of the professionals to add to your list.

1. Install a Fence

The first way in which my home renovators improved my property was by installing a fence. Done right, I knew I’d enjoy benefits such as improved security, more privacy, and an overall more valuable home. There’s also the fact that a fence acts as a windbreaker to some extent, and it can also help shelter your home from direct sunlight. This is an amazing way to improve the energy efficiency of a house, making it a project that’s quite likely to pay for itself in a short time. My home renovators helped me figure out the best material with which to construct the fence so that I’d get the best value for my money.

Keep in mind that a few factors can affect what the best fence for a home is. One of these is the main reason why you’re getting fence installation done, of which there are a few as outlined above. Another one is the climate of the area in which the home is, as this will impact the durability of various materials and the maintenance that they need. Working with experienced professionals is a great way to ensure that you get good advice and the job is done to a high standard.

2. Clean Dryer Vents

My home renovators also improved my property by cleaning out my dryer vents. This was a crucial project, given that a buildup of dust and other particles in the dryer vents can cause a number of issues. The first issue is making it a nightmare for anyone with allergies to spend time in your home. That’s because the dust and particles will be circulated around the house whenever the air conditioner is on, leaving a trail of sneezes and sniffles in its wake. Another issue with having dirty dryer vents is that the air conditioner is going to have to work harder to achieve the same level of effectiveness that it could easily achieve without dust in the way.

Dryer vent cleaning is something that should be done on a frequent basis, with the specifics of frequency varying based on a number of factors. One of these factors is the number of people that live in the house, as well as whether there are any pets in the home. The more the occupants of a home, the faster dirt is going to accumulate in the dryer vents, and more so if there are pets present. Another factor is the environment in which a home is, which could be dusty or relatively dust-free. The particular season can also impact the rate at which dryer vents accumulate dust and allergy-causing particles, so these are all important considerations to make.

3. Fix Roof Leaks

The third way in which my home renovators helped improve my home was by having a roofer check my roof and fix a few leaks that were present. Without their expert eye during the roof inspection, I would have assumed that my roof was in solid shape. This was a crucial part of the renovations because it helped secure my roof from developing serious damage, which is what happens when small issues with the roof are ignored for a long time. In fact, failure to fix roof issues as soon as they’re discovered shortens the lifespan of your roof and can predispose it to sudden failure.

Fixing roof leaks can also help keep a number of other elements in the house in good shape. Some of these are the walls of your home which can develop water damage from leaks that trickle down the roof. The unsightly stains that these trickles cause are an issue that you definitely don’t want to have to deal with, not to mention the possibility of the moisture building up to the point that it rots the walls. When your home no longer has roof leaks, you can be more secure in its ability to protect your property and family against the elements, no matter how extreme things get.

4. Repair General Issues

The next way in which my home renovators made improvements to my property was by repairing general issues. The team of building contractors helped secure both the function and appeal of my home by checking for issues around the entire home and fixing them. Some of these issues were electrical complications, trouble with the floor, and some construction defects like poorly installed windows. As a result, the house was a lot more structurally sound, functional, and generally comfortable to be inside.

Since building contractors typically have a lot of experience with general house repairs, they can do a fast and efficient job for your house. They’ll have the right training as well as all the necessary tools to do every single task that needs to be done without unnecessary hassle. The job will also be safe, and all of these are reasons why it may be better to trust these professionals with your home’s general issues rather than attempting to DIY.

5. Keep Drains Clean

Clean drains make your home considerably cleaner and fresher because they’ll both take away used water from your home and not leave any smells around your home. Clogged drains hold material that should be entirely out of your plumbing, which starts to decompose thanks to the enclosed space in plumbing, especially where there are turns. This leads to a foul odor in the house as well as the accumulation of drain flies. These pests make their home in the material causing the clogs, breeding in it, and then venturing out to explore once they’re mature.

This is the other way in which my home renovators helped me improve my home. The drain cleaning service had a number of tools that they used to clean all the drains in my home. They then inspected them to make sure that everything was in perfect shape. Finally, they set a date for the next inspection and cleaning, which was a great way of ensuring that little was likely to go wrong. Additionally, I’ll probably not have to revert to drain-cleaning chemicals from the store, which isn’t the best solution when it comes to the environment.

6. Stop Internal Leaks

A plumber was also a part of the team that improved my home. Their role included inspecting the plumbing in my house to ensure that it was in good shape. They fixed a few internal leaks that they found, which involved replacing some worn or damaged parts. As a result, I won’t waste water which I’ll also end up paying for. This was one of the faster tasks that my home renovators worked on, and I was glad to have a functional plumbing system which isn’t likely to fail unexpectedly.

They let me know that they’ll do regular inspections, but in case of an issue before they’re due to come back, it’s important that I alert them right away. Some of the signs that should alert me to possible trouble include hearing strange gurgles and other noises in my home’s pipes, getting discolored water that also has a foul smell, and even low pressure. In such cases, there might be an issue that needs to be handled by a professional fast. Acting fast can save you from having the damage get worse and maybe even impact other parts of your home.

7. Refinish the Kitchen

My home renovators let me know that if I didn’t work on the kitchen, I may find myself calling them back in a short time. That’s because the kitchen is one of the spaces in any home that’s quite popular and that sees a lot of traffic as a result. There are also a number of elements in the kitchen that you can change during a kitchen refinishing project. These include fixing or replacing the floor, installing new lighting fixtures, and even replacing the countertop. For this, if you want something that’s going to be elegant and durable, you can get granite countertops.

The countertop is one of the most visible surfaces in the average home. As such, it may be very prominent and that’s the reason why if you’re thinking about the best item to splurge on during a kitchen remodel, the countertop should be it. Keeping a granite countertop clean is easy enough to do regularly, ensuring that your kitchen has a great chance of staying sanitary enough to ensure maximum food safety is achieved.

8. Add External Storage

My home renovators added external storage to my home as well, and that’s one of the ways in which they gave my home an upgrade. They professionally designed and constructed a metal building structure that I can use to keep things like lawn maintenance tools and outdoor equipment in general. This way, outdoor items will be protected from the elements, which may damage them considerably. I also don’t have to struggle to find a way to store them safely inside the house, which has enough items in it as it is.

Maintaining this external storage is something that’s easy enough to handle if you pair it alongside maintenance for the rest of the house. This is a simple structure that doesn’t have a lot of parts, and this is why it should not cost you a lot in terms of maintenance. In fact, the roof may be the most crucial thing to keep in good shape, and this means that you need to have it inspected on a regular basis. With external storage in your home, it’s going to be easy for you to keep the entire home, both indoors and outdoors, clean and clutter-free.

9. Repair the Fireplace

My fireplace also got the professional attention that it needed, with some missing and damaged masonry pieces getting repaired during the project. They also worked on some chimney repairs and cleaned it up thoroughly. As a result, there’s now no soot, cobwebs, and other dirt that’s likely to clog the chimney and cause it to fail to do its job. The professionals also installed a vent in the chimney to keep out any rodents that may be tempted to make their home in the space.

My home renovators also re-applied varnish on the masonry around the fireplace, giving it a fresh new look. This varnish will also protect it considerably from rapid wear and tear. As a result, I can keep my lounge area appealing because the fireplace is the centerpiece in this space. My family and I can’t wait to use the fireplace as it practically looks brand-new, and it should also function the same.

10. Seal Damaged Pipes

Last but not least, damaged pipes in and around my home were repaired by sealing them. This means that my home is no longer at risk of issues that could crop up if a pipe or two failed unexpectedly. Sewer line repairs are a necessary part of home maintenance that should be handled with the care that they deserve. With frequent inspections and repairs, you’ll keep your home secure and also do away with anxiety that something might get out of hand when you least expect it.

These are the 10 ways in which my home renovators secured my property. You can borrow from my list and make adjustments as necessitated by the specifics of your own home. As a result, you’ll keep your home in great shape season after season. This way, you can actually save money because you’ll have the luxury of planning out your renovations and getting them professionally done after setting aside the finances for the project. Fixing issues the moment they come up is a great way to make home maintenance affordable as you avoid extensive repairs and even replacements for elements that may be too far gone.

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