Which Companies Should You Turn to Before Winter Arrives?

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Which Companies Should You Turn to Before Winter Arrives?


Old Man Winter is paying a visit once again. Those of us who live in colder climates usually begin preparing for our guest around mid-October. The heavy coats, boots, and gloves are ready to go, the shovels and ice scrapers are within reach, and we’ve winterized our vehicles. We’re prepared to battle the snow and ice to get to work and get provisions.

The only retreat through these frigid months is the safety of a toasty house. We look forward to coming home each night and getting cozy in our fuzzy slippers and robes. That’s why it’s essential to find any home remodeling resources before the first frost. Just like we prepare ourselves with hats and gloves, houses need to be ready to survive the harsh conditions winter brings. This blog will list ten companies you should contact to get your house in order before winter arrives.

1. HVAC Company

When the weather is cold and you’re chilled to the bone, the last thing you need is for your heating and ventilation system to break down. Proper HVAC maintenance should be a regular part of thr home remodeling resources you look for. A heating contractor can visit your home, inspect the system, and give you an estimate on any updates or repairs that are needed. If you’re proactive, a heating contractor can spot issues while they’re still small.

When searching for help with your system, contact a few HVAC companies and research them thoroughly. Choose from reputable companies and licensed professionals. There are several duct cleaning scams around the internet.

Annual maintenance can help avoid expensive repairs that leave you out in the cold. A professional can unblock vents, clean air ducts, conduct a boiler check, tune up the furnace, inspect the thermostat, and bleed the radiators. Homeowners can help keep the heat in by removing debris and cleaning the furnace cabinet, covering drafts, and sealing any spaces around windows and doors.

2. Roof Company

Imagine passing a dreary winter’s day drinking hot chocolate with your family when suddenly dirty roof water starts dripping into your Swiss Miss. It’s a terrifying scenario, but it can be avoided by ensuring your roof is in good shape before winter. A new roof or repair is a typical home remodeling job that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

A leaky roof can cause damage to your personal belongings as well as the electrical system, insulation, and structure of your home. Moisture can build up and create mold and mildew, which can be harmful to your family and pets. In extreme cases, an unsound roof can cause a structural collapse or fire.

Contacting a residential roofing company at the first sign of any issues is vital. Other than leaks, some visible signs are curled or loose shingles, moss, and water in the attic. The roof will take the brunt of the winter abuse, like rain, wind, and the weight of snow and ice, so it must be in good shape for the season.

A residential roofing company can conduct a full inspection and alert you to any problems. Depending on the size of your home, an inspection usually runs from $150 to $400. The price will include looking for structural decay, mold, worn materials, pests, leaks, and water damage. If no problems are detected, the inspector will hand you a roof certification that will be handy if you decide to sell or apply for a mortgage.

3. Fence Company

While it’s vital to make repairs and find home remodeling resources for indoors, we shouldn’t forget about the outdoor areas. Things like covering patio furniture, securing sheds, and clearing the yard of debris are all important to take care of before the first snowfall. One area that we often ignore is fencing. Do yourself a favor and make sure this area is sound before the first frost.

Your fence offers freedom to your children and pets while helping to keep them safe and secure. It’s a necessary part of many homes. If damage occurs while there’s snow or the ground is frozen, it will become more complex and expensive to repair. Many fencing repair services don’t even come out in bad weather, which could leave you stuck with a broken fence and no place for the dog to conduct business.

4. Window Treatment Company

For as much time as we spend looking out of our windows, they’re often overlooked in home remodeling and the winterization of our homes. The average building loses up to 30% of its heat through its windows. This not only leads to cold spots but also higher utility bills.

When winter is on the way, you may want to consider investing in double-hung windows; this can prevent drafts and improve energy efficiency. If you have storm windows, remove the screens and close the storm windows properly. Seal up any gaps or holes with weather stripping or caulk.

Consulting with a custom blind company can also help keep you warm and lower your bills. A blind company works indoors to help design attractive window treatments and help keep rooms at a standard temperature. Many of these companies also work outdoors and install overhangs, awnings, and all-weather shades to help your house fight the brutal effects of winter. If you’re looking for new windows, look for the Energy Star label to ensure you get the best deal possible.

5. Septic Pumping Company

The difference between a septic system and a sewer system can be confusing. Simply put, a sewer system takes all of a home’s wastewater and brings it to a central plant to be treated. A septic system is installed on a home’s property where the water is treated on-site and eventually returned to the ground.

If you have a septic system, getting it inspected and maintained regularly is one of the most critical home remodeling resources you can seek out before winter. A septic pumping service will check for leaks, cracks, and other damage that can lead to frozen pipes and a messy situation. The professionals will pump out the tank and clean it well to ensure clogs don’t occur.

Clogged septic systems are costly to repair. They can also damage your lawn and basement and spread bacteria and viruses to your family. Plan your regular maintenance in the late fall to ensure easy access to the system.

6. Christmas Lights Company

For those who celebrate Christmas, lights and decorations are par for the course. While hanging lights should be a festive activity, for some folks, it feels like more of a required annual home remodeling job, and it’s just not fun. Whether you’re busy working, have trouble with ladders, or are scared of heights, this annual tradition can be a nightmare before Christmas. Not everyone can be a Clark Griswold, and that’s OK.

Luckily, holiday light companies have been steadily gaining popularity. One simple phone call can save that trip to the crowded Christmas lights store. The company will come to you and give you a design consultation, where you get to decide what display you want based on your home and budget.

The decorators then arrive like Santa’s elves and install everything. They’ll also do proactive maintenance, do repairs, and take everything down and store it until the following year. That means no storage, no unwinding, and no checking of bulbs. You won’t need to look at a single light clip or zip tie all season. For adults, that’s the best Christmas gift ever!

7. Waterproofing Company

Cold temperatures, snow, and ice can wreak havoc on exterior walls, basements, and crawl spaces. These seasonal hazards can leave your home vulnerable to structural damage and mold. That makes waterproofing a vital home remodeling resource to find before the weather turns nasty.

A local waterproofing contractor can help ensure your home is water-tight for winter. A contractor of this type may work with other professionals like landscapers and plumbers to help keep water from invading your house. They may recommend a sump pump that will activate when water builds up under the foundation. They may also seal up cracks and holes in the foundation and install vapor barriers to help control humidity and condensation.

A landscaper may be called in to improve the grading, so the soil makes a downward slope away from the house. A plumber could be called upon to insulate exposed pipes or a backflow presenter that will help keep water out during heavy storms. You can also help keep your home dry by regularly cleaning the gutters and checking the downspouts for clogs. Be sure to remove snow from around the foundation as well.

8. Flooring Company

Growing up, you probably remember your parents putting down mats, throw rugs, towels, and even newspapers during a snowstorm. While your younger self was happy to spread mud and slop everywhere, your mother desperately tried to save her floors. Our parents knew that moisture, salt, and other chemicals used to melt ice can destroy carpeting and floors.

Whether you’ve got hardwood, tile, or vinyl, special care needs to be taken in the winter to ensure the integrity of your flooring. One thing you can do is invest in a dehumidifier to keep everything dry. You’ll also want to wash them regularly and spot clean, so debris doesn’t work its way in. It’s a good idea to call a flooring company that can help get you ready for winter.

These pros can waterproof carpeting, seal hardwood floors, and advise you on installing water-friendly floor options like luxury vinyl plank flooring. This waterproof flooring gives the appearance of beautiful hardwood while being pet and child-friendly. It’s an excellent option for heavy-traffic areas and lasts an average of 25 years, making it a wise home remodeling investment.

9. Tree Removal Company

Nothing can ruin your day more than a downed tree or branches. While even healthy trees can be damaged during a storm, it’s more common for dead or diseased trees to cause that property damage. Trees can cause severe damage not only to your property but to your neighbors.

Falling branches can also cause bodily harm and traffic accidents. This can lead to insurance claims and lawsuits, as well as misery for all. The best thing you can do with trees on your property is to regularly inspect them for dead, damaged, or diseased branches.

Signs that your tree is not well include pest infestation, hollow areas, fungus, leaning, and root rot. If you notice any of these things, consult with a local tree removal services to see if you can trim and prune the tree or if the entire thing needs to be removed. While most people don’t like removing trees, you’re not helping by putting people in danger. You can always plant a new tree to replace the one you have lost.

10. Sealing Company

Winter can do a number on your pavement. The constant freezing and thawing can affect the surface, causing cracks and potholes. Throw in salt, shoveling, and ice melt, and you may have a crumbly mess by spring.

If you’re considering repairing your driveway or sidewalks, don’t wait until the temperature drops. Anything below 50 degrees makes it difficult for asphalt and concrete to dry. The sealant that’s used also won’t dry and will peel.

Taking care of these outdoor areas is a small but essential project, and these home remodeling resources will save you headaches in the future. While you can attempt to do it yourself, it’s best to call a company specializing in pavement sealing. A professional will guarantee that all cracks, chips, and jokes are filled and sealed up properly.

However, you can help by keeping all the pavement free of snow and ice. Use salt and chemicals sparingly. Look for natural alternatives for traction and melting, like vinegar, coffee grinds, and sugar beet juice.

Winter can be a rough time for many of us. But with some proactive home remodeling and maintenance, you can make it to spring unscathed. When in doubt, call a professional for help.

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