What You Should Know About Commercial Insulation Contractors

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What You Should Know About Commercial Insulation Contractors


Whether building new or retrofitting an existing building, you can work with your architects and commercial insulation contractors to choose among the many available insulation system options. The systems vary substantially in the installation process, the number of layers, their insulation cost, and the energy savings you will gain.

They also differ in their finishes. Almost all insulation systems are faced with a white material on the inside to reflect light.

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The exterior can be raw insulation, then covered by metal sheeting or other roofing material. Alternatively, new construction applications include sealed and safe thermal blocks that integrate wall sections with custom wall exteriors, insulation, and interior wall coverings all in one.

Good commercial insulation contractors help customers choose the best system for their application. Some systems require more labor and custom fitting at the building location. In contrast, others rely on the manufacturer to produce standard or custom sheeting that fits in predetermined spacing between the structural steel, wall girths, or other framing that provides stability and attachment points for the insulation.

Each approach has advantages and disadvantages depending on the application. It is best to work through the options with commercial insulation contractors. Then, you can choose the best package based on your application and the short- and long-term investment choices that work for you.


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