What Is the Automatic Fire Suppression Definition?


You’ve probably heard of fire sprinkler systems, but do you know the automatic fire suppression definition? An automatic fire sprinkler system is a tool that’s more common than you might think! If you’re curious about whether or not you’ve seen an automatic fire sprinkler system before, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s review a little bit more information about this type of fire suppression system.

At its most basic, an automatic fire sprinkler system is one that doesn’t require any sort of human intervention to operate. An automatic fire sprinkler means that you don’t need to pull any sort of alarm or hit a switch to activate your fire suppression system.

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Fire detection is performed by mechanical or electrical means in these instances. The vast majority of fire sprinkler systems operate in this manner, which is a safety feature for everyone involved. If there’s a fire in your home while you’re asleep, then an automatic system will be a much safer option to install.

Having a fire sprinkler system is important to help protect property and save lives. It’s just as important to understand how a fire sprinkler system works.


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