Watch Out For These Siding Mistakes

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Watch Out For These Siding Mistakes


The video ” Watch out for these siding mistakes” from Trusted Pros walks us through some things to look out for in roofing. He uses a home in Seattle as an example of what outside water damage can do to a home. Luckily, such damage can be prevented with proper installation, materials, and use of good sealants. Make sure you research good siding contractors when buying or building a home.

Don’t use white wood “spruce”.

Video Source

It is not suitable for the damp climate in the northwest.

The video talks alot about flashing which allows for drainage when installed. The flashing here is no good. If the flashing goes up or is too narrow, rainwater can get into the house.If the flashing is insufficient, it can cause water to go backward instead of draining properly. As a result, the wood panels soak in water.

Sun and heat over time will warp the siding if not installed properly.
These mistakes can cost thousands of dollars. You will need to reinstall the siding and paint it as well. So invest in the right siding contractors from the beginning.

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