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Wash Along With this Pressure Washing Video


This video was created by Downing and Nelson Company to show viewers how to complete paver power washing. Pavers are a significant investment for many homeowners. Many homeowners are nervous about power washing them. As a result, many homeowners do not do it or attempt to do it themselves.

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It is a dirty job. It is unbelievable how much dirt gets blown up. Often, people rush through it, and it gets an uneven cleaning. It is often done incorrectly. This is why a professional company like Downing and Nelson Company should handle paver power washing.

They will clean the pavers properly, so none of the pavers are destroyed or start to buckle. They use concrete soap to clean correctly. The machine they use ensures the pavers are thoroughly cleaned. Their team moves the machine in varying directions to ensure the entire surface is cleaned correctly. About 1/4 of their time is spent rinsing to ensure that it is rinsed properly and all the dirt is moved away from the house and patio. Downing and Nelson Company will ensure your patio is thoroughly cleaned and remains that way for years.

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