Exterior and Interior House Painting Made Easy

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Exterior and Interior House Painting Made Easy


In this video, viewers learn the importance of things like location, lighting, and the finish. That said, the paint samples require proper testing before deciding to buy. As shown in the video, flat paint makes the finish look awesome since it conceals bad patches. However, it doesn’t clean easily. Meanwhile, matte sheens result in a less reflective finish but clean easily.

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Maximizing paint coverage

The video shows how important it is to measure the walls to make sure that the whole wall gets properly covered. It can be necessary to mix paint from different gallons. And there should be enough rollers, paint trays, painter’s tape, and extension poles. On the other hand, floors, furniture, and other household items need protection from paint. Another thing to remember is to fill all holes. Also, clean greasy areas and ensure evenness by sanding flaky or cracked spots.


When changing the color, it’s vital to prime the walls. Doing so is a surefire way to make sure that the top sticks to the walls better. Meanwhile, the interior house painter video also highlighted the importance of starting at the top and painting all the way to the bottom. It’s also vital to use continuous motions that cover areas several times. These are ‘M’ or ‘W’ motions. And the roller must stay wet at all times.

When painting stairs and porches, it’s practical to add some sand to the paint. This trick is useful for all outdoor surfaces.


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