Everything You Need to Know About Cupolas

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Everything You Need to Know About Cupolas


In this video you will learn all about cupolas; what they are, why you would want or need one, and what they’re used for. A cupola is a small space that sticks out of the top of a building as a way to release heat and humidity. You will often see them sticking out of the roofs of barns or other large space structures. Since heat rises, the cupola offers an escape route to let that heat out and slightly cool down the inside of the building. If you own a large, enclosed structure with a lot of empty space on the inside, especially if it has a high roof, then you could probably benefit from installing a cupola.

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Cupolas come in as many styles and varieties as structures do themselves, and so you can have them customized to perfectly match your existing property. Amish cupolas are especially easy to customize and the craftsmanship that goes into their creation is unparalleled. This video will ensure you know what to look for if you decide a cupola is right for you.


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