Easy Kitchen Improvement Ideas You Can Do On Your Own

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Easy Kitchen Improvement Ideas You Can Do On Your Own


Tired of your kitchen? Why not make some improvements? Not all kitchen improvement ideas require a big investment. A lot of kitchen improvement ideas can be done as DIY projects. Of course, there are some that should be left to the professionals.

A great way to improve your kitchen is to follow some of the kitchen improvement ideas that you can do on your own, and bring in the pros for the bigger jobs. Doing the smaller jobs on your own and calling in the pros when you need them is a great way to save on costs and get the like new kitchen you have been hoping for.

Instant Easy Upgrade Kitchen Improvement Ideas

According to a recent survey about 82% of the people that have implemented kitchen improvement ideas have found that they want to be home more. When you improve your kitchen you are improving the quality of your life. Most households spend more time in the kitchen then in any other room of the house.

Let’s get started with the really easy stuff. The right lighting can really set the mood in any room, especially the kitchen. You do a lot of work in the kitchen, it is important that it is brightly lit. Light bulb replacements can help to brighten your kitchen nicely.

Consider going up in wattage, or if you are really daring, consider installing lighting fixtures over key work areas. Pendant lights over countertops, under the cabinet lights, and more can easily change the whole vibe in your kitchen.

While you are changing out the lighting don’t forget to deal with any kitchen plumbing repair that is necessary. Before you get to any real aesthetic changes, it is important that everything in the kitchen is functional.

A local plumber can be a great source for getting fair pricing on leak repair, installing garbage disposals or repairing them, and drain cleaning. Of course, if you are handy with taking care of plumbing problems than you can try some DIY plumbing.

It is important that every area of your kitchen is functional to get the most out of the kitchen. If you are working on a tight budget it is far better to invest in function before you start investing in aesthetics. It is also important that you know your limitations when working on appliances and fixtures.

We all like to save money but skimping on proper drain cleaning by opting for over the counter formulas that do not work, can actually cost more. It is best to get a professional in for dishwasher installation that can get the job done and you can move on to other things that you can do on your own. You get the idea, don’t be penny smart and pound foolish, some things are worth paying for.

Sometimes you have to step back and do the math. For example, when you are considering doing a project like a countertop installation, you have to consider how much the job is going to cost you to do as a DIY. Consider the cost of materials, tool rental and of course your time before you forgo calling in a general contractor. You may be surprised to find that the savings is not as great as you thought.

Décor Can Be Easy Inexpensive Kitchen Improvement Ideas

When you want to add some wow to your kitchen without having to lay out a large amount of cash consider what a difference freshly painted walls can make. You do not have to be an expert to paint a few walls.

You do need the right paint and the right tools to paint but just about anyone can get amazing results with a coat of paint. You can go bold, or neutral, bring in some light or add some contrast, all with a can of paint, paint roller and brush.

You can even paint your old kitchen cabinets to bring them back to life. A lot of people think that they only cabinets you can paint are real wood cabinets, but that is not true. There are paint kits on the market for all types of materials that are easy to use and give you great results.

Not ready for new countertop installation? That’s okay you can paint them too with the easy to use kits that are on the market. You can transform your kitchen counters for less than $100 and have them dinner party ready in a weekend.

Other simple changes you can make include:

  • New window treatments. The window treatments in your kitchen should fit in with the style of your kitchen. You can add some blinds, shutters, shades or a cute pair of café curtains to highlight your windows and tie your room together.
  • Add some upgraded light switch plates and outlet covers. You can get new light switch plates and outlet covers for a few dollars. Each cover had either one or two screws, simply remove the old covers and install the new covers and things will look cleaner and brighter.
  • Clean the room from top to bottom. Start with ceiling fans and work your way down to you’re your kitchen a good cleaning. Add organization tools like spice racks, pot and pan holders and more to reorganize everything.

Simple changes can have a huge impact in the kitchen. With a little time and effort you can easily transform your kitchen into a room that you feel proud of. The beauty of doing as much as you can on your own is the level of satisfaction you feel when it is done.

Kitchen Improvement Ideas Worth Investing In

Just like not all kitchen improvement ideas cost a lot of money, there are some kitchen improvement ideas that you do want to invest some money in. Some of those things that are worth investing in to improve your kitchen include

  • New appliances. Old outdated appliances can keep you from wanting to spend any time in the kitchen. Investing in new appliances is well worth it if you have outdated appliances that are faulty or just not as functional as you want them to be. Investing in new appliances can cost savings when it comes to how much you spend on energy.
  • New flooring and tile work. If your old flooring is noticeably worn it is worth it to pay a professional to replace your flooring and manage any tile work for back splashes. You want to go to the experts to ensure that you choose the flooring that is durable and can withstand the unique environment in the kitchen.
  • Small appliances are worth the investment. Mixers, toasters, air fryers, and more can you’re your job easier in the kitchen. Most small appliances are fairly priced and can help to update your kitchen to a place that you want to be.
  • Air conditioning pays for itself with comfort. Having the stove or oven running, especially during the summer, can make the kitchen incredibly uncomfortable. By investing in air conditioning you can be sure you can enjoy cooking regardless of what the temperature is.

Investing your money where it will give you the best return while doing part of the work yourself can help you fall back in love with your kitchen while you save money.

Getting Ready to Carry Out The Kitchen Improvement Ideas

There are some steps that you can take before you get started on the kitchen improvement ideas. Planning is key to making sure that every project comes out perfectly. Planning ahead of time can ensure that you are able to get everything done.

First do an assessment of all the things that you want to do in the kitchen, then prioritize your projects. Start with the necessities first like any plumbing repairs, appliance function, and other necessary repairs.

Once you have your list ready, you can get started with the easy tasks first. Slow and steady will win the race when it comes to marking the things off your list. Planning is key to the success of each project:

  • Make sure you have all your materials up front. Before you get started it is important that you are fully prepared for the task at hand.
  • Review all the directions and view tutorials before you get started. It is a lot easier to carry out the project if you have an idea of where to start. You do not want to spend time reviewing instructions during the project. Of course, it is okay, to stop what you are doing to read directions if you need to, but it is best to start out on the right foot.
  • Ask for help when you need it. It is vital that you get help when you need it. Some jobs will take more than two hands, other jobs will take a professional to get it done.

You want to be sure that you are ready to start and complete the projects. If not, you may stuck with a pile of projects that never get done. You will feel overwhelmed, and wind up, throwing in the towel. Pacing yourself is the best way to approach the projects that you have on your list.

It is also important that you enlist help when you need it. Whether it is family members or friends, that you ask to help, it is always good to have an extra set of hands. Of course, you also want to ensure that you call in the professionals when you run into something that you are not comfortable doing yourself.

Kitchen Improvement Ideas and Safety

It is important that you take the right safety steps to ensure that you stay safe while you are carrying out the kitchen improvement ideas. There are a few things that you should do to make sure that you stay safe and everything turns out well:

  • Don’t skimp on equipment. It can be tempting to grab a kitchen stool to put up curtains but it is best to take the extra steps and grab the ladder. It is best that you have a sturdy surface to stand on.
  • Use safety goggles. If you are going to be sanding, painting, or working with any chemicals, be sure to protect your eyes.
  • Use gloves to protect your hands. When working with equipment like drills and sanding equipment it is important that you protect your hands.

Safety needs to be a priority. You do not want to take chances with your safety. Making sure that you take the necessary precautions will help to keep you out of the urgent care and help you to get your projects done fast.

Final Suggestions for Kitchen Improvement Ideas

One of the best ways to decide which kitchen home improvement ideas are right for you and your family is to make a budget and stick to it. Reviewing the money that you have on hand to upgrade the kitchen and improve things a bit can help you to make the right decisions about which projects you can do now and which projects you will do down the road.

A lot of companies offer financing options for things like new flooring, new appliances, and more, but you want to be sure that it is a debt that you are willing to take on. Remember those monthly payments can go on for a long time, and what sounds like a great deal right now may not be such a great deal down the road.

If financing I the only option for replacing your faulty oven or refrigerator, do take the time to review all your options. Do not jump on the first offer. In some cases a lower monthly payment is only low because the term is longer. You have to ask yourself do you really want to be paying for a refrigerator five years from now?

Financing can be a good option as long as it fits into your budget comfortably and as long as the terms are right. Of course, saving for the big purchases is a smarter way to do things, because, you do not have to pay interest costs.

Again, if you do not have the money now to do the big stuff, try out some of the small stuff like painting or changing the window treatments, you may be surprised to find that it is enough to change how you feel about your kitchen.

An updated kitchen that is aesthetically pleasing will help you to enjoy your home more. Try some of the easy kitchen improvement ideas this weekend.

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