Choosing the Right Stain For Your Home Project

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Choosing the Right Stain For Your Home Project


In almost every home, furniture choices happen to be one of the things that can transform both the interior and exterior spaces of the home. This is the reason why homeowners invest heavily in quality interior and exterior furniture. In the event that you are renovating your home, choosing the right wood stain can make the entire difference regarding the overall curb appeal in your home. The right wood stain is meant to enhance the natural appeal of wood furniture giving the resulting piece a gorgeous texture and color. Ideally, you do not necessarily have to be a professional wooden furniture finisher to give your furniture a new look. All you need to do is have some basic understanding of different wood stains and how to choose the right one based on a number of factors. If you are not sure about your skills and expertise in wood stains, then hiring an expert wood finisher is the best option for that perfect finish. Whether it is flooring wood stain, general finishes water based stain, interior barn door stain, general finishes water based gel stain, soft close drawer stain or wood stains, the process is quite straightforward and the only time you need expert assistance will depend on the nature of your woodworking projects. To get a better perspective of what goes into wood staining, below is a guide on how to stain wood for the perfect finish in your home.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Wood Stain
There are a number of factors that should guide your choice of wood stain. For example, you should have valid reasons why you would pick general finishes water based stain over water based dye stain or general finishes water based gel stain. You need to consider safety first above everything else. general finishes water based stain is considered safer compared to oil-based stain since general finishes water based stain has lower volatile organic compounds VOCs. It is important to understand that VOCs are regulated compounds due to their effect to the environment and long-term health effects. Why then would you use oil-based stain and expose yourself to potential harm when you can use the more eco-friendly general finishes water based stain. Apart from safety, you also need to consider the color of the stain. Ask yourself whether you need to match the wood stain with the rest of the furniture in your home. There are people who like to create a color contrast while others prefer to match the wood stain with the existing d├ęcor. Whichever option you decide to go with, there are so many color options to choose from. There is also the issue of the stain coverage that is also a good way of choosing a stain. Ask yourself whether you want a heavy stain that is the center of attraction or you need a stain that is somehow shiny and light. A general finishes water based stain is light and would be ideal for a typical setting that has contemporary look.

Types of Wood Stains
There are different types of wood stain and your choice of stain will depend on your priorities among the factors that guide your choice. The most common type is the sealer stain that is quite easy to work with. With this stain, you will spend less time applying it to the wood compared to other traditional stains. Apart from sealer stain, there is varnish stains that is also popular for many people in their woodworking projects. Varnish is what can be described as a non-pigmented stain that is made up of ingredients similar to oil-based paints. As you apply the varnish stain to your wood, you can expect gradual hardening of the wood. This means that varnish offers a more durable approach to wood staining. However, the downside of applying varnish to your wood is that it takes longer to dry up compared to other stains. Taking too long to dry tends to attract dust and other impurities to your wood. The other kind of stain is general finishes water based stain. This stain is ideal for people who are looking for a more environmental-friendly option for staining as opposed to oil-based stains.

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