Choosing the Right Fireplace for Your Home

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Choosing the Right Fireplace for Your Home


Nothing is more comfy than sitting around a warm mantel in the winter months. Before winter sets in and it gets cold outside, it may be a great time to get started choosing your mantel and getting it installed. Here are some simple tips to set you on the right course.

Perhaps more important than anything is your budget. You may have your eye on an appealing mantel with a high price tag.

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However, don’t let yourself be tempted into going into debt for it. Only buy what you can afford!

You’ll also want to keep in mind that some mantels produce heat more efficiently than others. A traditional fireplace, for example, is only about 15% efficient. This means that it’s better to have it around for its aesthetic qualities rather than for its functionality. This may be perfect for your home, however, as you may not be that interested in using your mantel to heat your home.

Whichever mantel you choose, make sure it’s right for your wallet and for your home. Once you install a mantel, it can be tough to take out. If you’re not quite sure what you want, your local interior designer may have some great suggestions!


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